ANTIDOTE painted slanted face

Hi, Attached is a nice face that I'm looking for. I saw it used as a headline typeface in a publication for Galéries Lafayette here:



I managed to find a PDF of the work online and through Acrobat I can see that the face is called "Pralinette" though I think it may not be available for sale.

Hi eleanorrogers,
I've been looking for the same typeface. Did you manage to find out anything more? It's almost impossible to search for a typeface with a name which is also a piece of food. I tried emailing Mathias Schweizer, but he did not write back.


Galeries Lafayette commision many bespoke fonts, some of which they only use for a limited period of time. They also have proprietary versions of commercial fonts such as Ashby, named AshbyGL. Most of the work has been done by Mathias Schweizer.

Their unique fonts have included:

Stive - a childish hand-printing font
LaGdProto - see image

A few avant-garde/futura styles and others.

None that I know of have ever seen the light of day outside of GL itself.

- Herb

Thanks a lot for this!


Thanks, Herb!