how to achive this effect

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any idea? THANKS!

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I suspect you’ll need a 3D software.

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Could try a D-map (Displacement Map) in Ps or even a mesh / envelop distort in Illy? I'll give it a shot later on.

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Probably done via software, but it's possible that the designer printed the word on fabric, distorted and photographed it, and then used that photo as reference to create vector art in Illustrator.

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So yeah, in Illy ... Object>Envelope Distort>Make With Top Object to put the type in a frame in order to skew via anchor points. Object>Envelope Distort>Make With Mesh (I used a couple of different sizes from 5>20) to yank and pull the letter shapes. Then after you're finished playing around there go to Object>Envelope Distort>Expand to get all the Paths back. Add some anchor points where needed and fine tune.

Here's my likeness quicky (although not done as extreme) of your example bottom left (but I just couldn't bring myself to mangle the E like that and I used Impact font)...

...but of course as with most things in Ps and Illy there are several different ways to go about achieving the same results. It dawned on me half way through the I could simply set up a grid and manipulated the letter shape paths from there. Anyways I'm positive this can all be done in Illustrator.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you very much 5star! You deserve many starts. ✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Now try this one:

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Np Claire, and thank yea for all that.

Another thing I notice especially in the top left example is that the top and bottom bar could be manipulated separately.

Luma, that's cool how was it done? Is it waving flag generator somewhere online?

Flash extension?


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Wolff Olins did the branding so I doubt it is an online effect generator or default filter. Probably custom 3D modelling.

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Thanks Luma, I found that gif on Brand New and read the comments, interesting stuff for sure. I gave Olins a call and they sent me over to GHAVA where I met a answering machine. I'll give a graphic design college prof friend a call and get to know this subject matter real well.

It seems that Porto Hub branding had done this image tracking typography a while ago...

Looks like motion typography is my next journey of discovery :)

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this is a rather simple process, it's a plane with cloth properties and a texture that will probably be a eps file or high-res .jpg, then a wind "thingy" pointed to the plane to make the flag effect.

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