30 year old Restaurant logo font

Hi all,

Ive been searching for weeks, cant figure this out! any help is so greatly appreciated. Hired by a client to redo some print materials they have no idea what font was used for this 30 years ago.
Take a look at the pic and thank you so much in advance!


What makes you think it's a font? It's on a sloping curve with the leg of the x tucking rather neatly under the a. Most probably custom.

Thank you for responding, I just called the client and he said it was made in microsoft word and that he made it, mind you hes a 60 yr old non-tech person. Thats the only information I know. When he attempted to find the font he missplaced it, so the search began. I asked him if it was custom made and he pressed that it was not.

Thank you again for your help!

If someone could recommend something similar otherwise that would be great as well. Thank you!!

A non-tech person made this in Microsoft Word in 1982? I find that hard to believe.

So do I.

Im only the one incharge of finding it and I only have the information he provided me, I cant comment on wether he made it or not, so any additional information as far as a similar one is greatly appreciated or a possible alternative. Thank you again!