FontLab Studio 5.1.2 pre-release build 4447 for Mac OS X

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Hello all,

We have just made available a pre-release build 4447 of FontLab Studio 5.1.2 for Mac OS X.

If you're a FLS for Mac user, please review the release notes, download that build and report your findings. Visit:
for download information and more details.

Adam Twardoch
Fontlab Ltd.

(Ps. This new Typophile is slightly confusing to please bare with me.)

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Sorry, couldn’t resist.

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Adam, I have great respect for you, but I''m not taking off my clothes. Probably what Nick couldn't resist -- except he did. I'm too old & ugly to go chasing women with my clothes off, even with your help. Besides, I think we have laws against that in the States.

(And my P.S. -- what about Windoes? We keep weighting.)

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Heh :P I must admit I did hesitate for a moment when typing "bare with me" and then I decided against re-checking. My bed! :P The Windows version is coming!

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build 4447 of FontLab Studio 5.1.2 for Mac OS X. . .

There are still no tangent or curve points in TT editing!?

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FontLab Studio 5.1.x is a free update to FLS 5. Nominally, there are no new features apart from some that "came in for free" (as they were already implemented). The vast amount of the effort (2-man-years) went into porting the code to Mac Intel. *Actual* new features will be included in FontLab Studio 6, which we're currently working on.


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Well... Ya dint answer the question but that's alright! I dont consider having proper control points on truetype fonts to be a "new feature" so much as an old bug. When I talked to Yuri and yourself about dis issue with TT, Yuri said it'd take a couple hours to fix... Even if it took 24 hours, that talk was more than 20,000 hours ago, so I "get the message". Got it a while ago, actually, and so 10,000 hours ago we were utterly forced into "Plan B". :)

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OK, let me answer the question then:

> There are still no tangent or curve points in TT editing!?

No. But they're on our list of improvements to come.

I'm very glad that there's Plan B available now, BTW. More options is an inherently good thing.

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