All I have is the "O"

I am fairly certain the font in question is sans-serif, mediumish weight. I am unsure of other glyphs, but from what I remember, the O (maybe it was the lowercase o) looks very similar to the attached image. Any pointers?
(That's not an actual glyph, I photoshopped that)


If there was only the one dot under, it might be Scriptorium's Chelsea Studio, JYArtsAndCrafts, Rennie MackintoshITC or Hill House. With two dots side by side underneath, Glasgow or Esmount; with two vertical dots underneath, Willow or Greyhound; with three vertical dots, Rennie Mackintosh Dotted; with four dots in a square, Glaswegian or Mackintosh Renaissance. All fonts suggested by the Arts and Crafts Movement. Others if the 'O' is more handwritten-looking.

I've never seen one with dots over and under. Your reproducing it makes it more difficult unless it's an accurate reproduction; including proportions, spacing, etc.

- Herb