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Emigre #43 typeface

In emigre 43 was an issue about beautiful typefaces, by rudy vanderlans. The attach image let you see the part of the typeface that I wonder about. The footnotes on the image say´s "Designer unknown", but say something about "Special Effects and Topical Alphabets" by Dan X. Solo.

(attach method doesn't work, I don't know why)

I already search about the names highlighted in the footnotes, but nothing match.

ID this one for me
Fábio Santos


In "The Solotype Catalog of 4,147 Display Typefaces" this is identified merely as "Rustic"., as it is in the Special Effects and Topical Alphabets book.

While there are many similar fonts, there are only two known digitizations of this particular face:

RusticBlackShadow, by "Character" (so named to differentiate it from the plain and white shadow versions)


FA204, by Dick Pape (his copyright notice attributes the font to Pepin Press, because that's where he found the image to work from).

Both of these are free. Character's version is more easily found.

Some version of the ClickArt package included 43 characters as .wmf files; this is probably what Character converted into his font.

Thanks a lot for the answer @HVB!!!