really bad handwriting

maybe that's why I like's hard to read. :-)

but I'd love to get a name for this font. thanks for helping!


There something wrong with that? Consider doctors handwriting, and a personal favourite (I'm english). Lost my thread, because I put the point outside the brackets, unlike our American cousins.
A personal favourite is signatures which are actually "Joseph smith, his mark". As in scribble. I used to be a dispatch rider, and a readable signature was something required to be radioed back to the office. I cannot count the times I asked someone to put their name to a piece of paper, to get squiggle. Yeah well, who signed for it? Squiggle. Did you get a printed signature? Yeah. Who was it? Squiggle. Boy did sign a lot of paper.

You (singular or plural - you choose) should
really read up on the development of Mistral.


Wikipedia is often a good way to start: Mistral. By the way, the font comes with Microsoft Office 2011 for the Mac.

No offence to Mormons. Hhraff, hurr..
Germans have words for things like taking pleasure of others misfortunes. Perhaps, considering it is a good, agglutinative language, they will concoct a word for "one who has driven mitt romneys campaign with enormous amounts of superpac money to see him fail dismally unless they invent a new chads scam".
But I wouldn't put money on it.

Michel, that's better than nothing, but the article in
Typographica is the one to read. The gist of it can
also be found in David Rault's recent book:

> Germans have words for things like taking pleasure of others misfortunes.

Just one: Schadenfreude.
So how come you don't like Germans?