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Swapping Glyphs

First I'm not a professional in this area and I have only a limited task I need to accomplish so please bear with me.

I need to replace glyphs with others in a font. For example, I need to change the Latin-B to a different glyph in the font.

I've done this before, but it was done manually using a font editor and under Windows XP. Ive retried this in Windows 7 and something are much easier but Im still encountering problems.

I used FontForge and took the glyph I wanted, and copied its reference, then pasted over the target I wanted to replace. This works pretty well. Later after I get one font I need to update all the fonts (bold, italic, etc) as well as other fonts but it looks like maybe I can use FontForge's scripting feature. FontForge crashes frequently though and often corrupts the font file as well :(

The problem is when I generate the font. TTF option causes Windows not to recognize it. So I use OpenType (CFF) and Windows sees it ok. But any time I use the font in 14pt or less, its really really fuzzy. Its not just as if cleartype isn't being used, but it is a really bad render. It looks like a resize of a bitmap font.

1) Any ideas how to remedy this?

2) Any suggestions besides FontForge that might accomplish this better?