Vintage/handwritten fonts. (Several)

Hi everyone!

I want to identify several fonts, I hope that I'm not asking too much haha. Well, does any of you know the website Well, I've seen some fonts that are -I think- handwritten, but they seem to be very common on this website. I'd love some help, maybe some of you know them.
Here are links to images where these fonts were used:

Font 1:

Other examples:

Font 2:

Font 3:

I tried to find as much examples as I could :/ Thanks in advance for your help!
P.S: I could only upload those two images, so I had to leave links, that is a problem of the website or a problem with my computer?


Font2: TrashHand by Luce Avérous

Thank you so so much! :D

Font1: kevinandamanda/Pea Amy Jo Jo

#3 is Skinny by notfon1234.

Thanks to everyone so much! :D