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Headline type for Antidote

This is a catalogue designed by Mathias Schweizer:


I'm trying to find out if he custom-designed this headline font or if it's available anywhere. I've looked through a lot of type foundries without finding it, and also emailed Mr. Schweizer, so far with no luck either way. If anyone knows anything, I'd be very happy.

I suppose it can be classed as a 'script' font, but wasn't sure, decided to post here.




Your image is missing and I think you posted this in the SOLVED category (which I'm guess it isn't solved yet)

Thanks riccard0! I did a search for 'Antidote' on the site, but nothing came up.

aluminum: I think my post is in the right place. Isn't it? The image would not upload, but there's a link. Thanks.

I think my post is in the right place

It is now, yes.