St. Louis 1924 engraving

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Hello, friends!

I was hoping someone could point me to a face that this engraving might have been based on.
Something close, preferring predating 1924.


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You mean, like Trajan?

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Yeah, like Trajan, but I was hoping we might find a face from the 20s. Twombly made Trajan in the late 80s.

Aren't the "O," "R," and "2" terrific?

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I see, sorry I couldn't be of any help.

You're right, too, the lettering is beautiful.

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Grand Central from Font Bureau has some of the same flavor and is based on a typeface that predates your sample. You'll like the R.

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Centaur was designed in 1914 and bears some resemblance (and is a nice, elegant titling face).

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Does it matter that Trajan was designed in the 80s, when it was modeled after 113 AD?

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Thanks. As always, this gang was very helpful.
Grand Central is very nice and Centaur has some characteristics that are close, too.
I just wish I could find something with that crazy "O"!

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