Image Upload is fixed

This image is 900k.

Which means image upload should be working now.


Good news and nice texture.
With such large images, however, a "overflow:scroll" property would be nice too.

Nice to see the return of the scrollbar. However, now it seems there's a display problem on Mozilla-based browsers:
In the main posts, images appear pushed all the way to the right edge of the centre column, covering the rightmost one.

Yeah, I mentioned that to Jared. He needs to put in a {clear: both } declaration. Seems like only Mozilla, though. I didn’t see the problem with Safari or Opera, anyway.

Works fine on Safari for me. Must be Mozilla, as others have said.

I can confirm it displays fine on IE too.
And this particular post looks ok in Mozilla now. However, this one (, for example, still exhibit the odd behaviour.

It only occurs if the image is the first element in the content. So, in this particular post, the initial line of text provides an adequate buffer.

The issue has to do with the way various elements at the head of the post are floated. If an image of a certain size occurs directly after the title and posted-by meta info, then because of the float, it gets pushed over.

Either the .content or the .imageWrap needs to get cleared.

I’m not sure why it only seems to have started at the same time as the image-scrolling was put back in. The two should be separate issues.

I sent Jared a screenshot a couple days ago. I’ll talk to him again about it.