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Maax: available on 2nd April 2012

Maax is a sans serif typeface with 4 stylistic sets: geometric, modern, grotesk
Designer: Damien Gautier et Quentin Margat
Date: 2011-2012
Cut: Regular, Italic, Medium, Medium-Italic, Bold, Bold-Italic, Black
Format: OpenType
Glyphes: 471



Design is everything. Everything!
~ Paul Rand

“Crack is everything. Everything!”
~ Crack Dealer


A better way to put it would be to say:

“Doing things ‘by design’ as opposed to by accident, intuition, guesswork &c. is important.”
~ Chris Dean

This means simply taking into account the user, goals, and resources, and developing a solution that meets the requirements. In this case, “design thinking” isn’t something unique to graphic designers or a magical power, it’s basic common sense. Which sadly, our (primarily North American) “culture” lacks as a collective given the current state of global affairs.

Will graphic designers save the world? Hell no. In fact, we are expediting its demise by putting tits on things so people want to buy them. What will save the world is a shift in global consciousness forced upon us my massive social, political, economic, and environmental catastrophe will do it for us. I suppose, following this logic, you could say that anything we do to expedite global demise might actually be putting us one step closer to destruction, and eventually rebirth, but that’s debatable.

Wow. All that from a font? Quitting smoking (again) sucks.