Mystery sorts in SB Parisian Ronde

Hello All,

I'vee bought a fount of 18pt Parisian Ronde by Stephenson Blake and some of the characters baffle me.

What was the purpose of the small slash with comma and small slash with period characters? And what about /o'c? I gather these had something to do with invitations and/or calling cards (looking at the /r. and /rs. sorts), but their use eludes me.

Thank you in advance!


This is just a guess - but the /, and /. look to me like the slashes were meant to be the trailing stroke of the preceding letter. The r. and rs. are simply ligatures, since there would be no other way to have the period under the r's overhang, or to connect an 'r' with a 'standard' 's'. The o'c is probably a similar ligature commonly used as in five o'clock.

Thank you, that makes sense indeed!