What to name small caps not in the AGL set?

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What to name small caps not in the AGL set?

What do you name small caps that don

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The Adobe Glyph List (AGL) is not an appropriate source for glyph names at all. You should always use the Adobe Glyph List For New Fonts (AGLFN).

Small caps glyphs should always be named by putting a suffix to the glyph name of the base glyph. Fontlab Ltd. recommends using the suffix “.smcp” for small caps glyphs, although other suffixes e.g. “.sc” or “.small” are possible as well.

“Hdotbelow” is not listed in the AGLFN so “uni1E24” is the appropriate glyph name for the basic glyph. The small caps glyph should be then named “uni1E24.smcp”, “uni1E24.sc” or “uni1E24.small”.

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