Old Italic from a book of Ordinances of the Northwest Territories (1881)

These samples come from a book of Ordinances of the Northwest Territories printed in about 1881. The book is mostly set in Times Roman, with its corresponding italic. However, the titles of the ordinances are printed in a different italic, the one shown here. Note the lc ‘g’ with it’s funny ear and tail.

Sorry for the poor quality, but it’s from a microfiche.

Sample 1
Sample 2

- Lex


something like this came up... I love the open lowercase g

I swear I found a digital font with a similar 'g' a while ago. I forget what it was though... I'll keep looking...

- Lex

P.S. Please ignore my claim that the book was printed in Times in the original post. I learned a lot about in 4 years :-)

P.P.S. I found the original image when I worked in digitization. The entire book can be found here.

- Lex

Thanks for that link...

The ear of the g protrudes into the counter... way cool!
The capitals look very Figgins inspired
The italic f looks incised — something I have seen in this kind of scotch face

There have been so many talented type designers of past that are finally getting recognition.
Hopefully some more information about the guy (or gal) that did this typeface will come to fore.

Mikey :-)

Found it!

Lanson has done a redigitization called Law Italic:


A modern with cursive traits... very cool.

Mike Diaz :-)