Auto line feed in metrics

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I'm used to the line that I type in the text box above in the Metrics window (FL 5.04 Mac) automatically going to the next line rather than having to type a \n to force it. Now suddenly it will not do that anymore. I'm figuring I must have unintentionally changed a setting somewhere. I looked in the preferences under metrics, but saw no setting for this. Then I looked in the manual and it showed a different version of metrics preferences that had a checkbox "automatic line feed". So it appears that 5.04 version differs from the FL manual.

Anyone know how to get the automatic line feed working in the metrics window for FL 5.04?

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Found it. Apparently it is no longer in preferences. I found if you switch the header panel to the bottom then, and then only, do you see the options menu. Further down in that it has a selection for Automatic Line Feed. I suppose I'd know that if I toggled back and forth between upper and lower header panels regularly.

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