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Naranja - a completely unreadable monospace disaster from Alexander Kominek

naranja.pdf (306.8 k)

This font has a limited number of uses - as you can see from the sample, text is not one of them.

I used only quarter-circle arcs and L-shaped brackets in a rigid grid to create this face.

The dingbats symbolise "A Clockwork Orange" (where the text comes from). The gear is inspired by a cover from one of the editions of this book.

- Lex

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you're right, it's more or less unreadable, but it's also kind of rad. More in keeping with the movie than the book, but it's got kind of a Nadsat feel to it just the same.

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Yeah - I don't know why, but the face reminded me of oranges. Maybe it's the a - it kind of looks like a leaf that you'd see on a box of orange juice. The angles make it seem more mechanical, so ACO seemed like a fit.

I'm thinking of making a lighter weight, and maybe a bold and a heavy.

- Lex

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The text in the pdf reminds me of a handwritten note in a strange way, however the m,v, w and the numerals are really tricky to read.

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You could invent one more rule or option to employ to open it up to more use or easier reading. I like it.

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