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Hi guys,
in the discussion on the iris type, some of you were speaking about snap on serifs. I, like probably all of us, made a bitmap face, just for fun (bj !!!). Then I tried to make an italic to it. Which, theoreticly, is not a bitmap anymore... After that I wanted to find out what happens with the font, when I glue serifs on it. Looks funny. I don't remember in what state of mind I was the, because I made Swash capitals as well......


mekka.swf (23 k)

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I think you were spending too much time with Mari...

Actually, I kind of like the sans one, and the swashes are killer.


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BTW, here's a funky bitmap italics of sorts:


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"Genealogically"? But is that really what you mean?


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v. nice --- Who this Mari might be is not for me to know, but I think you should spend more time with this. I like the serifs the most because they go off the beaten path and that (IMO) is a good thing with bitmap design. Design (again IMO) is one place where you can go to the edge and still safely rein yourself in for safety.

The only letter that I notice as odd is the lc italic 'p' it looks more like an UC italic 'R'. Perhaps the serif needs to go the other direction?

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Love the serifs. I'm just mad because you beat
me to it. I was trying to think of ways to make a
bitmap font feel more *familially tied to a
display face without having to just use the
bitmap font at 300%. Mekka uses a very viable

And the swashes are like buttah.


*If that's not a real word, it should be.

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