Free font by DSType Foundry: HADES

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We proudly introduce a free typeface by DSType Foundry: HADES, an exquisite blackletter. Go to, download and enjoy it!

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Bold and gorgeous font!
Thank you :-)

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Wow. Thanks!

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Although I personally don't like seeing the name of a blackletter
font allude to Evil, the font itself looks nice and juicy.


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Awesome! Keep up the great work!

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The Ancient Greeks were nicely ambivalent about that sort
of thing, but these days Underworld = Hell for most people.
I'm guessing Hades was yet another victim of Christianity's
propensity for "repurposing" pre-existing pagan beliefs.


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Thanks for all the kind words.
Hope you enjoy using it as much I enjoyed designing it.


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Wonderful — thank you.

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This is gorgeous. I don't get many chances to use blackletter, but I will have to go out of may to find one for this font.

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i’m not the blackletter kind, but i do like this one a lot, great!

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I have just found this, and it looks really great, Dino, what a nice gift. :-)

@Hrant: I think "Underworld" and "hell" are not the same thing, no matter the culture or place. The infernal world is something different from hell. Don’t know about “christianity” as a generic cultural term, but that association – as much as it may have been done – is wrong, and hell, in catholic theology, is not a place.

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I used to fall
In love with all
Those boys who maul
Refined ladies,
But now I tell
Each young gazelle
To go to hell,
I mean Hades.

—My Heart Belongs to Daddy, Cole Porter.

Porter recognized that by 1938 “Hades” had, with the demise of everyday Latin, lost its sting, become a euphemism.

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Hades was the guardian of the afterlife, which included the Greek concepts equivalent to both heaven and hell. He was no more evil than, say, Zeus (and in fact was one of the more sober and respectable Greek gods). The guy always seems to get a bad rap nowadays, though.

Nice font, BTW, thanks. I will point out that your online catalogue isn't terribly useful for people on platforms/browsers which lack webfont support. At least you do provide PDF samples, which is nice.

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Thanks for the feedback!
I didn't care that much about the meaning of the name, to be honest.
I just felt the need of a font name started by the letter H :-)
Regarding the name itself, it reminded me some poetry (Poe, Byron, Baudelaire) that I used to read, like the "Don Juan in Hades", and that's it! I never wanted the font to be connected to some sort of evil stuff.
I think it's a pleasant font, inspired by the lettering in a beer house that I saw in Malmo in 2007.
It was made just for fun, no profit in the horizon!

All the best to my fellow typophiles. Have a wonderful 2013!


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