Imitating silent horror film posters

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So, somebody I kinda know is getting married, at a gallery converted from a movie theater. Out front he wants to put up a wedding announcement poster in the style of an old horror film. Think 1931 Dracula for instance. Here are some examples:

Now, all these were hand lettered. Often they were hand lettered but in the style of period typefaces. Can anybody suggest typefaces that might work for this purpose, that look hand lettered like that?



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> wedding announcement ... Think 1931 Dracula

Or maybe Bride of Frankenstein? ;)

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Not really as Art Deco-ish as the examples, but definitely the handlettered look and altogether ooky...

As an added bonus, there are ghosts and haunted houses lurking within the character set.

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Nick: That's fabulous! Definitely could be useful.

Chris: Seems like later in the 1930s, more art deco, but could be useful. Is Tovarich available?

Thanks, all.

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Blambot always has something interesting for me in that vein (ahem).

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Thomas, Not ready for release but they could use a beta version for the wedding, if they like.

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