Calligraphy or font ?


One vote for not a font.

Looks handdrawn to me. There are a few fonts which have been created by hand calligraphers, and used for letterpress invitations at [[|Bella Figura]]. Could be one of them. Makes me also thinking to the work of [[|Mara Zepeda]] at Neither Snow and [[|Magpie Paper Works]] ([[|Vermandois and Saissant]] are available to buy).
A list of very loosely similar: [[|Vermandois and Saissant]], [[|Dear Sarah]], [[|Antrokas]], [[|Alana]], [[|Cenizas]], [[|Plumero]]

thanks, I was leaning towards hand drawn but some of those "drawn" fonts do have alts for every character (thinking "olicana"), so I thought it maybe one them... thanks again