Picking the right text font for a site I'm working on

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Picking the right text font for a site I'm working on


I've been working on a site and really like using Futura for headlines (via typekit), but am having tons of trouble finding a proper text font that balances well. I didn't want to resort to Helvetica as the body text, but found that nothing else blended in.

I know I don't want a slab serif, and have experimented with quite a few options. At the moment, I'm not even sure if I want sans or serif.

I surprised myself when I found that I really liked bodoni, but ended up feeling it was too dominant. If possible, I'd love some advice on pairing a text font for my site in particular. Any quick thoughts?

The site: http://bit.ly/krJPIa
(My Choices are anything in https://this collection, btw)

Thanks for reading!

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What about a "gentle" slab?
It renders superbly as a webfont.


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