Any former Typositor operators here?

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Any former Typositor operators here?

Hello all,

I'm launching a blog called Typositor. As if the world needs another design or type blog. But I plan to focus on pre-digital Graphic Arts technology and workers on a regular basis, so I'm hoping it will be a slightly different voice.

If you remember, and especially if you used the VGC Typositor in its heyday, I'm wondering if you might comment on any technical aspects of this maiden article. A few xxx's are in place as I need to fill some research holes, but I'd love anyone's two cents on any aspect of this piece. As new blog posts here don't seem to be highlighted as they were on the old site, I thought I'd put this out there as a forum topic as well.

I'm also looking for images of the machine, which are very rare on the web. If anyone has leads in that department please let me know.
Many thanks in advance.

Patrick King