A Baskerville-inspired Display Serif

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The more I work on this, the more bland it starts to look. Any comments?

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Well, it would be nice for Baskerville to get a nice display companion. See Paganini though.


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Your subject asks "Look familiar?" - I first thought it was a request for a font ID.

The first thing I noticed immediately was that the A, H, X, and f have some contours in the wrong direction (or haven't been merged), as exhibited by the white areas in the pdf image where there are overlaps.

Other than that, I'm not qualified to comment!

- Herb

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I changed the subject to avoid confusion.

Thanks, I also fixed the contours: Updated the PDF

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Maybe you should go back to the origin: http://typophile.com/node/77475

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Keep tweaking /S/, /s/ and /U/!
/4/'s diagonal is too thin.

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