Class Kerning and Ligatures

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It just came to my attention that class-based kerning isn't being applied to ligatures in a number of my fonts. Here's the class definition:

%%CLASS _i_right
%%GLYPHS i' fi ffi dotlessi iacute icircumflex idieresis igrave imacron iogonek itilde dottediacute

The fi and ffi glyphs are so named in the fonts, and swap out just fine. Any ideas?

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Soooo...nobody else has encountered this problem? Bummer. I really had hoped to solve this problem before another pass through 900+ fonts to update them...

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FontLab's "right class" means that a class represents the right (second) partner of a kern pair. That means you should make this a left class. As it is now, fi will follow the kerning of i when it appears on the right hand side of a kern pair.

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Thanks, Jens: did the trick. The solution was almost as simple as I am...

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Anything is simple once you know how, as a sage once put it; however, I've found that forgetfulness can ruin that premise...

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