Devanagari Font for Life OK TV Channel


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DESIGNING A CUSTOM DEVNAGARI TYPEFACE FOR AN INDIAN TELEVISON CHANNEL While designing a typeface for a televison channel in an indian script, technical factors such as lack of unicode support in software used makes use of standard formats difficult. In such cases one needs to work out a format which is both fuctional and would do justice to the visual aestheic of the script. Life OK Hindi is a custom typeface designed for the TV Channel LifeOK for the purpose of television broadcasting & big billboard communication. The typeface is playful & friendly yet legible on television screen. The family of 3 weights- Demi, Medium, Bold - includes basic vowels, comsonants, matras, half letters, akhanda conjuncts, punctuations, Devnagri and Latin Numerals. The Fonts were hinted for use on television.

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