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Hello there.

Well I've designed this logo for an Architecture firm in Maldives. Its pretty simple. Its actually a small floor plan with a door cut out to let the type in.

Since the main logo type is DINPro with a modified tittle, I am looking for a secondary typeface to work on body text and others. I took DINPro for it legibility and geometry. Finally wreaking my self over the secondary type face I've finally decided to use Proxima Nova.

Is this combination too similar? or too boring? Any suggestions is welcome.

I've attached the logo and example type combination.

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(Warning: Amateur Opinion)

I like the type, but I'm wondering whether the "door" wouldn't look better if it were exactly the size of the main type, thus generating a "sublime" illusionary structure extending across the floorplan.

Tittle could be just a bit heavier?

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Hi Catharsis, the original draft did have the "door" as the same size of the main type. It made the main type look bigger then the "door" so to I had to adjust it optically and increased the size as it is now. Tittle size is actually calculated using the shifted baseline of U C S characters of DINPro to make it as natural as possible based on the typeface.

When I saw your reply I noticed that DINPro actually looks shorter in height then Proxima Nova. The more I look at it the more I think it is a perfect combination, but it would definitely need some tiny increments in height of DINPro to make it work.

What do you think?

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Ok, not to give to much away here but... if those are load bearing walls, congrats you just drew up a prison cell. No? How about a shipping container .. they're kinda trendy these days.

Ergo... Sublime Architects will put you in a container ...nice.

Seriously, nothing sublime about that.

Font selection is the least of your worries.


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i get a bit lost when i look at it, my eyes keep going to the "box" and ignore the text, maybe if do a thinner line or give a bit of room the text to breathe. i think you should go all in with the DIN and the weights that it has, the secundary type you choose is very similar, kinda boring.

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Make the "I"s into partitions.


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I think its better to use some vector design in logo which related to architects..

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Kerning is weird

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DIN Pro... damn, $95 per weight

(edit) I too think the logo is not really working. For one, the /i/ drags the focus to the second syllabus and it makes the logo read LIME. For two, the framing - I realize it is meant to be a reference to a floor plan (or something along these lines), but it is just too damn heavy and it looks more like an obituary frame. Perhaps using the color would lessen the association, but the main problem is that the whole design is just too heavy and imposing for something that has Sublime in its name.

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Probably he doesnt need pro..

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Agree with the others, DINPro and Proxima Nova are very similar, pick one and use its various weights.

And I agree with zevbiz, the kerning needs some attention, particularly the 'li' in Sublime, which is almost looking like it says 'Subl ime', and the 'cts' in architects, which look slightly looser than the preceding characters.

One final suggestion, perhaps try the logo with an actual door half open in the plan? Might make it more obvious as to what the logo is. Your call.


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