Looking for Emirates font or something similar for subtle "Oriental" feeling

I'm looking for a font that will give a subtle sense of the "Oriental" to a poster. Subtle, spare, and elegant. Somewhat like this header, which I found online... but can't identify. It may be proprietary. Does anyone recognize it? If not, suggestions for a similar font would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


you may like Seagull

great suggestion, thanks!

It's a custom typeface for Emirates:

Other brush-influenced Roman faces:

For more inspired by Asian brush calligraphy have a look at Hiroshige and Hiroshige Sans, created for a book featuring the work of Japanese artist Ando Hiroshige. Also check out the rest of Arthur Baker’s calligraphic fonts.

Thanks a lot! Most helpful!

I notice that someone has taken the liberty of editing my header, changing "Oriental" to "Asian." I'm sure this was well-intentioned (though heavy-handed), and I probably should have provided more context, but "Asian" here would be incorrect and anachronistic (political correctness notwithstanding).

This is for a poster on travel to the "Orient" in the 18th century. I wanted a font that would suggest or retain an aura, or even a hint, of this "Orient" that exercised such a strong hold on the public discourse and imagination of the period -- an "Orient" which, by the way, comprised the Middle East and the far reaches of Eastern Europe at least as much as Asia -- and which to be sure has since been exploded and delegitimized as a cultural referent. I was looking to evoke the more Middle Eastern "Orient."

Hope this bit of historical context helps.

That's spooky.


Yes and no. It's history.

In my previous post, I should have added Ottoman to the "Orient"-inflected theme I'm working with. It's a major component.

I meant their changing it is spooky.


Sorry, didn't meant to be spooky. Thought I was being sensitive. Your reasoning makes sense, though, and I've retitled the thread. Were my typeface suggestions helpful at all?