Typefaces for contemporary art gallery corporate identity

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Typefaces for contemporary art gallery corporate identity

Hello, this is my first post, so hi to all.

I study graphic design in a school in italy, and im at the first year.

My class was given the assignment to design the corporate identity for a factitius contemporary art gallery. The gallery will be located in a monastery originally builded in 1582, wich became a law court in 1974, and has been recently restructured, in particular with a modern a geometrical inside, to became a cultural and art gallery.

Here are some photos of the inside and outside of the building: http://www.padovanet.it/dettaglio.jsp?id=12026#par_0

Aniway this is the logo i made:

It's a custom lettering based on Itc Avant Garde Gothic.

I have to realize a brochure and a depliant for the opening, i wich the main event will be a showcase of the art of some local young illustrators.

Until now i used Gill Sans for all my preliminary concepts, even for the "galleria d'arte contemporanea" part of the logo, but im not happy with it, and plus, the logo isn't even avant garde but a personal re design. So im searching some typefaces that could suit the job, but i dont know much about fonts because like i said i study design only since a few months.

Im searching two typefaces, a display one and one for the body of text, that goes well with the geometry of my logo. They have to be modern faces, but maybe with a touch of classicity that goes well with the contradiction of the location, with it's classic outside and modern inside.

The teachers said we could use different typefaces from the corporate ones for the brochure because the main theme is the showcase of young illustrators, but im not to keen on this, i think it's best to find strong corporate ones and stick with them to reinforce the identity.

Untill now, i was thinking to switch to gotham display + whitney text.

What do you guys think? Suggestions?

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