Typeface used on 1953 Federal Government logo.

Just joined this site, and was hoping someone might be able to help me identify the typeface used in this logo. The design was created in 1953 for the Mutual Security Agency, then part of the US State Department. The logo was then adopted by MSA's successor organization: the US Agency for International Development.

I'm also very interested in identifying what "school of art" the overall design could be tied to. I'm not an art historian, but I'd love to get one to weigh in.

Thanks very much!

- John

Taken from this website: USAID Graphic Standards Manual


Are you sure the type wasn’t added/replaced well after 1953?
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I'm pretty sure this image is representative of the original logo. Here is a photo of an original logo on a sticker that appears to have been approved on December 1st, 1956.

As you can see, at least M is pretty different to your first sample.
I’m not an expert, but hopefully someone else will chime in with suggestions about sans in wide use in the fifties in USA.

Very good catch on that M! Thank you, and hopefully someone will be able to nail down the identity of this typeface.

The generally poor condition of the sample, especially the crease through the leg of the R, makes things tough, but this is probably closer overall...


I think you're onto something with Futura for the old sticker. Do you have a guess on the typeface used in the hi-res image from the AID website?

I see Univers in the first image.