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A tribute to the idiots who torched my bicycle with a molotov cocktail... Alamo slab and Adobe Garamond used.


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That sucks.

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Yeah... atleast the torching. The picture is nice IMHO :)

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Heh... Sorry to hear about your torched bicycle, but kudos for the inspiration.

Leave it to a designer to take life's lemons and make a really nice-looking lemon chiffon pie.... :)


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But dude, if a bike's gonna go, this is *the* way...
The last bike I had (7+ years ago) was simply stolen - boring.


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yeah. I'm amazed by their creativity. Really, when I was younger, people just stole bikes.

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SEVENFINGERS - Why? Was it random? Is your car next?


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I actually have no idea.
I used to bike to my work, but one day I just biked to the busstop and took the bus.
When I came back from work, it was torched.
Hopefully they'll leave my car alone :)

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