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Hello All,
Hoping I might get some helpful advice on kerning this type. I'm looking at the two Xs as well as the L and S as potential starting places. As it stands the leg of the L is slightly shortened to reduce the amount of negative space between the L and S. The + sign aligns with the center of the H.

My original intent was to keep the type in a tight rectangular shape. Looking at it now I'm not sure what the best strategy would be – tighten the space (possibly overlap the two X's) or instead increase the amount of space around the other letterforms for balance. Perhaps the leading is an issue as well.

Any insights or tips would be appreciated.

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(Warning: Amateur opinion.)

The + is tiny; how about drawing your own to fill more of the space?

Also, have you tried aligning the F with the median position of the W's left slope, rather than with its utmost tip?

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