The Ebook Vs the Printed book as a dissertaion topic

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I am currently considering dissertaion topics for my Graphic Design degree.
One of my propsed topics is; Comparing the ebook with the printed book in terms of design aesthetics and whether the ebook spells the end of the printed book in the British publishing market.

Any advice/ relevant information regarding my proposed topic would be much appreciated.


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eBooks (at least for now) have a lower resolution than paper, but offer the ability to introduce new interactive elements.

In terms of graphic design, I'm not sure there's a huge difference, though. It's still a book in concept--be it on paper or screen. You may want to look into some of the 'interactive' books being created that include music and animation and the like, though I question if those are still really 'ebooks'.

I think an analogy may be TV. Is the internet forever changing television? Of course it is. That said, a TV show is still a TV show, regardless if you watch it on your actual TV or your iPad.

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Do address the differences between reflective and emissive screens.


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