Appropiate type for Turistical New York City poster

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Hi, everyone I´m new to this site
I have begun working on a proyect to promote tourism to certain parts of the world : London, Paris, and New York.
To this point I´m happy with the typographical approach we achieved with Paris and London, but I´m not happy with New York.

Can anyone help suggesting typography that would relate to New York city life?


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Gotham, Manhattan and Broadway come immediately to mind. Or, perhaps, this...

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Historically Art Deco. Truth is the city is still made up very much of Art Deco Buildings. I would look at a contemporary twist on an art deco style.

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Yes, these options are more interesting and appropiate. Thanks for suggesting!

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And there's Milton Glaser's famous logo, looking dated but still used on NY souvenirs.

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Graffiti, Taxicab-style rate charts, Subway information (external and on-board), Mets, Yankees, and Giants lettering, there's even a font named "Central Park" (but it's a Brendel clone of something else).

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Wide modular squarish industrial sans, all caps.

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a few years ago wolff olins, a design firm, rebranded the unbrandable city - new york. you might want to check it out, its quite fascinating.

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