Simultaneously changing size of multiple glyphs in Fontlab?

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Hi, I'm in the middle of creating a digital version of my 40s typewriter font. So far I used Bitfonter and have now imported into FontLab. For some reason though all the glyphs became much bigger in Fontlab, exceeding the ascender and descender heights by far. Anyway, I started to go about manually changing a few whilst mindlessly watching TV only to realise that surely there must be a way to change them uniformly?? Even in BitFonter actually there is a way to resize all selected glyphs in the glyph window. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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Select all your glyphs in the Font window and go to Tools > Action > Contour > Scale. To find the right percentage, first scale a single glyph while the Transformation panel is open. (You can also scale multiple glyphs with just the Transformation panel, but there's no option to scale the metrics.)

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I'd guess that your UPM was different between BitFonter and FontLab (possibly 2048 in Bitfonter and 1000 in FontLab). In Fontlab, Font Information/Metrics lets you change the UPM with or without re-scaling to fit. Two steps; First, set the UPM to its original value (2048) without re-sizing. (You CAN leave it that way, in which case an OTF would be non-standard but your glyphs will be exactly as you create them). Or go on to the second step, changing the UPM back to 1000 WITH re-sizing. You'll then have a standard UPM for OpenType, but your glyphs will have small (sometimes imperceptible and sometimes glaring) differences because of the different grid size.

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