Do you ever get that nagging feeling about a typeface

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Hello All

I am working on a couple of projects at the moment. One is a children's DVD design. I am really happy with that, I chose Chaparral Pro as the typeface and did not once have any second thoughts about my choice, it just felt right. As it is a piece of coursework, I can choose my own typeface.

However, my second piece of work is different. It is a piece of poetry and I have looked at many different typefaces, including Arno, Goudy Oldstyle and Feijoa.

My finished piece of work is set in Arno Pro. This is great in that it has a great range of weights, swashes and so on, but I feel a real tug towards Feijoa. I didn't realise one could get so involved in typefaces, to the extent where they are nagging at you at the back of your mind.

I am really interested to know if others get this when choosing a typeface, and to know which typefaces "call" you the most


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Now imagine designing typefaces and trying to fall asleep while your mind is visualizing variations on that serif or spur that just ... isn't ... quite right....

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Nagging from the back? More like both hands on the wheel!


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You should hear the things I say when I’m sleeping.

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Oh dear, maybe you are all saying I should run for the hills, as it will only get worse

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No use running. It is too late.


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Hrant you are right.

I am now about to spend $150 that I should not really, and cannot really afford, on a typeface. I tried not to, but it is now in my head and the only thing to do now is bite the bullet and go ahead.

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