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(x) Similar to H&FJ's Knockout — Knockout HTF26-Junior Flyweight {fvilanakis}

I'm trying to identify the typeface used in this masthead. It looks like H&FJ's knockout, but the tail on the R has a different terminal.



They may have applied art to create their unique nameplate. The nit-picker in me compels me to point out that a masthead may contain a publications' business information; editorial and management staff, circulation, etc. Publications' titles are called nameplates.

Or flags.


I'm not familiar with the terminology (masthead, nameplate, etc) and I'm a bit confused, but if we are talking about the title "APPLIED ARTS" the /R terminal looks exactly like a http://Knockout HTF26-Junior Flyweight.

Thanks. I always get the title terminology wrong. This particular issue was part of a guest redesign by Rethink of Vancouver, so I think it isn't customized. Applied Arts' regular nameplate is unique though.

It's hard to tell in the image above, but the terminal actually ends in a straight vertical line. I'll take a photo of the cover tonight and upload it.

Fivos is absolutely correct. Knockout HTF26-Junior Flyweight has that unique R, with the straight vertical stoke ending, as do HTF 28 JuniorFeatherweight and others.

- Herb

Thanks Herb. The R only has that feature in the thinnest of the weights. It's a shame that H&FJ doesn't have any PDF specimens on their website to check details like these.