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When clicking on an item under "Recent Posts", I occasionally get the message, "Access denied
You are not authorized to access this page. "

I feel that it's just a timing issue, with the subject being listed under 'Recent Posts' before the post has been completely finished by the author or processed by the system. It's trying to access the appropriate node #, and instead of "page not found" for a non-existent node, it gives the access denied msg

- Herb

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It usually happens when trying to access contents belonging to banned spammers.

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Sorry to hijack a thread here, but I apparently am such a banned spammer and I am presently not allowed to post new threads.

I have had two identical* posts in the moderation queue for 4 days now, and I'd just like to know the average moderation time. Indeed if moderation takes place at all.

* Identical posts, because the feedback for a spam-suspicious post was a non-descript easily misunderstandable error page.

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Chimneys: I appear to be afflicted by the same problem. Since I moved to Canada from Japan in August, I've been unable to start new topics in any forum. I get only an "internal server error" page, followed by a message saying that my post has been "queued for moderation". After two months, there's no sign that any of them is ever going to actually be posted...

Messages to the administrators have not yielded any positive results yet. And so I'm stuck in my current purgatory of only being able to post in existing threads...

I mention it here in the vague hopes that someone might be able to offer advice...

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Hi I'm getting this problem too, I am viewing the page and getting an error!

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@Chris Dean: Thank you, by the way.

No luck so far, though...

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