Counter. Would love your opinion on new shirt

I'm putting a new shirt up on TypographyShop
for the first time in awhile. I'd love this community's opinion on it and the choice of sizes for the word "counter."

As I noted in a string of comments on our Facebook page, the word "counter" has more than a couple of meanings. The O? Is it Oprah? The big O? Then the type geek wearer gets to explain what it really means.

Thanks in advance for your opinions.



Maybe make the counter of the "o" slightly taller than it is wide, for more of a hint that it's a letter and not just a geometric ring?

And put a gray circle on the back of the shirt, as if it's the counter being punched through and showing up back there?


It's funny, I only briefly considered other typefaces before I felt wedded to the Futura Bold for its perfect circle. Maybe I'll try one in a serif face.