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Body text as a flipper font to simulate handwriting.

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Joined: 13 Apr 2012 - 6:49am
Body text as a flipper font to simulate handwriting.

The context of this question is one of my experiments
to create a good legible font (NOT such a comic font) that is very readable on little formats.
To simulate a sense of handwriting, it has to be a flipper font.
I want to look if it is possible to combine, and how far it is possible to go with.

I thought I was smart enough to figure out how it had to be done in FontLab
but thanks to my limited knowledge of the English language, I'm not.
Also I have only a limited knowledge of FontLab, my previous fonts were without programming Python.
(I actually know FontLab only one year now, and on school the specialization Typography is in its childhood,
not a lot of people know FontLab in detail)

I'm very interested in this part of fonts, but it would be stupid having to learn Python for one exercise,
I can better learn it later when I have more time.
So my question is; can someone provide a step by step way how to create flipper fonts in FontLab?
Starting with how to create multiple versions of one glyph (and the correct name it has to be given),
over how to write and insert the Python code,
and if needed, how to export it the correct way.

I have found the code, but don't know how to implement it.
feature salt {
lookup rotate {
sub @set_1 @set_1' by @set_2;
sub @set_2 @set_1' by @set_3;
sub @set_3 @set_1' by @set_4;
sub @set_4 @set_1' by @set_5;
sub @set_5 @set_1' by @set_1;
} rotate;
lookup rotate;
} salt;

I have done a search around, but couldn't find something easy;
Even Google didn't give an easy answer.

I'm sorry my first post has to be such an stupid easy thing, but so it be.
I think Typophile is the best place to ask this,
here I have found already a lot of information about font designing problems in the past.
I'm glad if someone could tell me.

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Joined: 21 Apr 2005 - 8:16am


I don't claim any particular expertise on the subject, but sometimes the best way to get the ball rolling is to say something that someone else will feel obliged to correct. So...

To make the code you show work, you have to create sets_1 through 5, then define them in the bottom right-hand frame of the OpenType panel in FontLab—for example,

@set_1=[ a b c d e …];
@set_2=[ a.2 b.2. c.2 d.2 e.2 … ];
and so on…

Or so I believe; correctives will follow as needed…

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Joined: 13 Apr 2012 - 6:49am

Thanks for replying Oldnick;
I'll try out that code, and hope to get it to work in the next coming days.

Due to an error on the site, I thought my post wasn't posted, and I hadn't seen it showing up in the list. A few days later I had created a dupe: