Wordmark for a photographer - Ligatures Help

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Hi everyone,
I am working on a wordmark for a female fashion photographer.
Between the several options I am exploring, I came across the possibility to play around with some custom ligatures.
Here attached you find some examples I came up with.
I know they are not *there* yet - but I would like to hear some feedback on how to improve them and which direction to go.


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Knowing she's female is helpful, but we need to know what her photos are like.

I will say one thing though, assuming she's of Turkish origin: the diamond in #1 makes for a nice allusion to how Turkish used to be written (in the Arabic script). Which might be moot though.


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#3 looks the most promising, but I would use a rounder italic. And the ligature should be wider, bolder (in the sense of less tame, but perhaps also in the sense that it could be lost when the logo is printed small).

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