Which font is Yellow Design Studio's Veneer based upon?

I was wondering if there is an un-distressed original to this font? Trade Gothic Bold Condensed is close, although the "Q" is different. And it should perhaps be a little bolder?


Marc, he knows it already. He’s asking if there is a non distressed original design.
By the way http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/yellow-design/anodyne/ seems to share the same letter shapes.

Yes, Anodyne seems to be based on the same thing. I've been going through the grotesques, but can't find a perfect match. Still nobody?

Since the description for Veneer mentions letterpress* the original could be a woodtype font. I'll ask an expert I know...

* And I can't think they really mean this:


Oops, read the ID request too quickly. I licensed Veneer recently (a bargain at $9) so it was top of mind.

Did you ever get any joy with this search? I am after the same thing. Any help appreciated.

Sorry, Ben, I don't think I ever got to the bottom of that one. I suspect hrant's answer might be a good guess: "the original could be a woodtype font."