Legal permission to alter an Adobe font

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Anyone have a real contact to a real live human being at Adobe who can talk about customizing fonts? So far I've been transferred five times and have been on the phone for 60 minutes. This is pretty silly. :)


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Transferred twice more and no one has kept a record of my request. Time of phone call now is 1 hour 20 minutes.

Kristin (typo on first post)

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Modify away. You don't need permission to modify Adobe fonts for your own use.

Go to

& go to "Can I modify font software...


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For a list of fonts and the associated permissions, go to

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It's for commercial usage.

After 1:30 hours I finally got an e-mail from one of the service people with another address to contact and a promise to maintain contact until I receive a suitable answer. He called me directly. Yea!

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Get off the phone - you don't need permission, commercial or not. You can't redistribute it, but it's OK to modify even if you do it for a third-party, as long as they've also licensed the font. Adobe rules.


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