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Hey everyone,

long time no post. Here is something I've been tinkering with over the last few days. Crappy file, but I have a really awkward network system at home, where I have to constantly burn CDS.

Without further a do, let me introduce you to:

- Chris

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very cool! seems kinda Cooper-esque to me anyway. The tail of the g could be a bit more graceful. some of the characters (a, e, c) seem a bit squooshed to me. the f might be nicer with a stronger head??? keep up the good work!

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I agree with everything Paul said, including it being cool.

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An I'd like to add that the g is far-out. If you address its tail's gracefulness at all move the right hip a tiny bit more right and up and make the tailing end longer. ? maybe...

The c an g match but maybe the c could use a little length on the bottom.


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Here is the latest version which has moved away from the thick serifs which were giving me a pair bit of trouble. It has gone more towards what someone else was talking about - felt-tip calligraphy. I'm still working out proportions for the caps.

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This thinner version complements the mon-weight style of this font better than the above...

excuse the kerning.

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I've been working a little more on this. Any comments? Still a few glyps to do.

- Chris

upperlower.pdf (19.2 k)

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Definitely keep the first g form, as an alternate if not the default. Personally, I'd keep it as the default on the Erik Spiekermann theory that fonts with one weird letter tend to be commercially successful.

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