Conveying change

Hi all,

First time posting at typophile so am not 100% sure if this is the location. I don't have a specific font I am after I am only just starting to learn about typography and was hoping someone might be able to give me some ideas of fonts that convey a feeling of change or difference.

It would be even better if they provide a sense of moving towards change, or moving to a 'different' place.

Thanks in advance for the help, and feel free to bump to another thread if more appropriate.



How much text will the font have to carry?


If this is just for a heading or title or logo, have you considered contorting the entire phrase to give it what you consider the feeling of 'change'? Such as gradually increasing in size for growth, or a sinusoidal design for variability, etc.

hi guys thanks for the fast responses. It is for a logo. Company is called delta cycles and the premise is that delta cycles exists to promote cycling through a change to the norm. Principally they will be manufacturing bikes out of bamboo, which isn't entirely new, however it is different for the marketplace in Australia, where they operate.

They have an icon which they are wedded to (see, however they would like a font for the name that will look as good on a bike as it does on printed material. The owner likes the look of the rapha logo ( but doesn't want to rip them off as it will just look copy cat which he doesn't want.

Hope this helps on the input front.


Is the font (style) in the logo permanent too, or just the mountain-like shape?


Just the mountain like shape. The current font is just a place holder for now.

Can’t see the icon.

I did the Rapha logo. I can do you another style if you'd like.