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Do you know any FOG converter other than FogLamp?

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Joined: 15 Apr 2012 - 2:32am
Do you know any FOG converter other than FogLamp?

I made my own font in Fontographer 5.1 and "luckily" downloaded FogLamp Demo version and converted font to TTF and installed.I opened Adobe Illustrator,typed few letters and I see these strange discolorations on some characters;watermarks.After I figured out this information,I tried to search for full version of FogLamp on torrentman.com,but nothing was there;so I googled and all you can find is demo version. Does anyone know,where to find any converter that converts FOG files(.fog) without leaving watermarks(possibly full version for free)? Thanks for a lot!

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Joined: 13 Jul 2009 - 4:20am

I think the Build section is a better place for this kind of inquiry.