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This is an extrablack font intended for the CI of a designstudio of me and a few friends. It is inspired by helvetica, but with a softer and less "perfect" look. I haven't worked much on the spacing yet.

I appreciate every comment ...

Thanks, Steven

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Looks interesting & I like it. Definitely don't see much Helvetica influence in it though :)
Had a quick look over the PDF and the /J/ seems too narrow & wimpy with its current hook. The tail of the /Q/ doesn't seem quite right yet either. Maybe something a bit more interesting or daring would suit it more?

It reminds me a lot of:
Maple — http://processtypefoundry.com/fonts/maple/
National — http://klim.co.nz/retail-fonts/national/
& a bit of Supria — http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/hvdfonts/supria-sans/

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Thank you for your recent comments.

Maybe I should go back to my old version.

top: what you have seen so far. Below: my old version

I think the top one looks better in capital letters. But the one below looks better in mixed writing.

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so what do you think of my diacritics? and what do you think in general of the design? :)

kind regards, steven

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I wonder if /b/d/p/q/ pinch narrower more than they need to as the bowls go into the stems.

/y/ looks too fat at the bottom. /v/w/x/ also look wide/dark.

Terminals of /C/c/ seem a bit arbitrary.

Love the question mark!

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I think your original /J/ suits the personality of the typeface a lot more. I quite like it actually, and I also don't mind it in the all caps setting either.

Can't say much against the diacritics, although might be easier to see how they look set a bit smaller in a normal word setting, and over the proper characters :)

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Thank you both ...

I just changed the stem/bowl connection in the b a bit. I dont know if it feels right. I like the extreme tapering.

and I tried a little word setting. I thought these are proper characters in scandinavian language/extended latin character set? Teach me if im wrong :)

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I guess I should say it was mostly on the /d/ where I saw a problem with the bowl/stem letters: the top of /d/'s bowl looked pointy to me. I then generalized it to similar letters, but actually the others may be okay (and of those big /b/'s I do think left might be better--right looks too flat on the bottom of the bowl).

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On the diacritics, by ‘proper’ I meant to say other character types such as the /i/ that may sit differently underneath. What may be passable over an /a/ might overwhelm an /i/. Looking at that /á/, the bottom corner of the accent feels annoyingly close.

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I would like to see more glyphs before having to think about diacritics and such. It looks a lot like National, though…

Bolds and Blacks are very hard to do, I think. Why not go for a lighter cut to get the characteristics settled?

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Thank you all for your input ...

@Bert : its a font for a graphicdesign studio of me and my friends. We will just use it for the logotype and for headlines on the business cards, billings and on the website etc. Thats why I started with the extrablack. Normaly I start with the regular style. But we are not sure if we really need it. So I decided to do the extrablack first, because we have a "deadline". If I have have more time I will finish the rest of the font.

It looks really close too National even if it wasnt a font I looked especially on while designing the glyphs. And like Penn said before it altough looks a bit like Maple and Supria. I think you can not make font in this direction (Helvetica lookalike) without finding similarities to other already excisting. Every of these fonts is really beautiful but every font has something negligibe that we didnt like much. National for example has an ugly italic (in my opinion).

Actually I looked a bit at Franklin Gothic and Optima while designing. Thats how my font got the irregular thick stems like you can see best in the A.

@ penn : I first wanted to complete the diacritics in their overall look. After I put them over each glyph via components I decompose the letters and change them with consideration in the particular letter. For example the "A" has slighly bolder and twisted accent grave than the "a". And the circumflex on the "a" is wider than on the "i".

@ eliason : I changed the bowl/stem on b again. Maybe you like the new version on the right side more!?

Thank you all for your help.

kind regards, steven

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Quite charming overall, but I don't like the extreme gap underneath the |a|.

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Yes, that /b/ looks better at the notch and bowl bottom.

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Oh **** yes. It's good.

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