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More Pre 1930 Newspaper Fonts

Can anyone give IDing these fonts in the following conglomerate image a shot?



The extra condensed sans is similar to Raleigh Gothic, one version of which is here...


As to the various blackletters shown, a hundred years ago and more, it wasn't unusual for foundries to offer special nameplate/masthead styles for newspapers. The product listings showed samples, but I have yet to see a specimen book with a complete alphabet showing of these special-purpose faces…which is another way of saying that it's possible no one has digitized these particular faces yet.

That'd be a shame if true - these blackletter styles are quite elegant I must say.

Anyone know the serif fonts used in the image?

Can anyone give the other serifs a stab?

Looks like: LaTribuneCP Medium
"Basee sur la une de La Tribune de 1918 de Sherbrooke
claudeserieux at gmail.com" 21-12-2011.


Ormiston In Winnipeg:
Something like:
URW/BodoniAnt DemiBold Italic

Can anyone get the body text font and the header serf on the left?

"U.S. EXECUTIVE", headline looks like you could use Cheltenham in its extra-condensed form.