Celebrating 12 years of Typophile today!

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Typophile launched 12 years ago today. What are your favorite moments in our history? Point out your top threads that have the best entertainment, reference, and/or quotable value.

Happy Birthday everyone!

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Hhp birthday to you!

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The Pangrams thread

20 most important type designers of all time

A tutorial for good typography in InDesign - Setting up a baseline grid

Famous quotes from typographers

Top Ten Things Not To Say on Typophile

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Happy 12th Birthday, Typophile!

Favourite moments in Typophile history?
At one point being part of what I would call ‘The Typophile Type ID All Stars’, back in the day. ;)
(And of course valuable insights and views on typography & type design, in general.)

[Dav/formlos — Typophile Member Nr 977, Since 10 Years 8 Weeks]

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That crazy one with lesbian philosophers.

BTW, there's something I need to get off my chest, after all these years: I'm really really sorry I missed the first two weeks. ;->


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One of the longest Typophile threads spans 9 years and began in October 2002:

What are you listening to?

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Anyway, one of my favourite thread is one in which, unfortunately, I didn’t partecipate:

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Twelve Ts in honor of our 12th year. #Pinttttttttttterest http://pinterest.com/typophile/found-type/

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What Riccardo said – in fact, most of the early type battles where there was a lot of participation.
Happy birthday Typophile :^)

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Typophile (Ty·po·phile) place : A safe haven where designers can blissfully obsess about typographic minutiae.


Happy Birthday! Congratulations on your 12 years!

~ A

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Hyvää syntymäpäivää! This thread suits the celebration:
(Beer lables) http://www.typophile.com/node/49157
Kippis! (Cheers!)

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Happy birthday, Typophile!

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Next week will only be my fourth year, but I've had a lot of entertainment already. For some reason unknown this thread, for example, appears in my "Recent activity" list: Where do I get Neo Sans Family?.

As with all older threads -- dug up deliberately by some Johnny-come-lately, risen from the ashes because of a misdirected Google search, or brought back to life by a mischievous spammer -- I cannot help wondering if this guy ever found his personal Holy Grail o'Fonts, or just went ahead and became an accountant, woodworker, or Adobe Helpdesk operator, got married, fathered two children, and never thought back on his whimsical post on a Typophile's hangout. (Probably not the part about marrying as that thread is just 2 years old.)

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Gerald Giampa annoyed me a lot, but I miss him, he was a big contributor.

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From the Neo Sans thread: “If I buy and download only Neo Sans Regular, is it possible that I italicise and bold this font?” Hahaha!

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on the web, 12 years is several lifetimes, an accomplishment

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I miss, miss giggles :)

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@Mike: Well, Miss Giggles spawned ‘schools’ of lazy students, begging for info and pointers and even ready-to-go papers to present to their professors (why aren’t those on Typophile?).

Anyway, this is one of a very select group of sites I visit everyday, in fact several times a day… Must be a reason for that.

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I'm quite disappointed not to havegg been around earlier. Not so much to join in the conversions but that some of the old threads are utterly screwed from system updates.

Anyway, yay twelve years! :D Here's to twelve more.

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Here’s a magazine article I wrote in the early days:

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Happy Birthday, and thanks for all the info!

Jason C

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Some other good threads:
http://typophile.com/battle20 (this is the one I wanted to link to originally)
And I think one of things typophiles do best is dissecting minutiae:
And critiquing typefaces:

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Happy Birthday ... to you.
Happy Birthday ... to you.
Happy Birthday ... Typophile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My favorite thread is the one...

how does your desktop looks like while you work

...but I can't find it right now for some reason.

But, my all times favorite times was the April 1st interface gag (back in '07 ?) - I think most everones was in shock with WTF!!

I have my av from that one saved somewhere on some disk somewhere - I'll try to dig it out.

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:D Congratulations and many thanks for those 12 years! Memorable moment? The first answer I received on my first thread – Also, thank you for all the tips, tricks and advice provided by members of Typophile.

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Happy birthday. Love the rantings and ravings but the interesting subjects as well. Especially like the "what are you listening to?" very long thread. Lots of groups I have never heard of (too old to follow).

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My favorite thread is the one...
how does your desktop looks like while you work

This one? http://typophile.com/node/67320

It's me or Google has become less good indicising Typophile?

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Happy birthday Typophile!

Three life-changing Typophile experiences—so far. Here's the first one.

In discussing Caslon back in 2003 with Kent Lew, John Hudson, Gerald Giampa (alas no longer with us), and Hrant, John Hudson pointed out that Adobe Caslon is "Sadly, Adobe Caslon is the only version that is suited to a wide range of typographic application, but it doesn't look like Caslon, so what's the point?"

Being already a "typomaniac," but not a designer, I remembered reading Einstein's Autobiography in the Schilpp volumes, and remembered with fondness its letter press Linotype Caslon Old Face. And I thought "Wait a minute, I know what Caslon looks like. I think I could do that right."

Eventually I bought FontLab, and started drawing type. And among many other activities in my life, I kept drawing, and kept drawing, and kept drawing.

Fast forward to today. My Williams Caslon Text (Font Bureau) is one of the fonts chosen to be in the 10-year retrospective exhibition of graphic design at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in New York City, Now in Production, starting May 26 in New York City. It looks like there will be a 'type night' when several type designers will be talking, including me, but a date is not yet set.

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Great story William. (And congrats.)


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Thanks, Hrant!

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"I miss, miss giggles :)" :-P

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Typophile has my deep thanks too.

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